Joining us

Ipswich Canoe Club is a membership-based organisation, which relies on membership fees to fund club activities, maintain a cohort of expert coaches (all of whom are club members) and to store and maintain club equipment. 

We operate a non-discriminatory membership policy - any person who undertakes to behave in the best interest of canoeing can join the club.


With the recent rapid growth of paddlesport, the club is extremely popular, with large numbers of new enquiries from paddlers of all abilities. We do what we can to get people on the water as soon as possible but, with limited resources, you may find there is a waiting period before we get back to you with a date for your first session.

If you would like to become a member, your first step is to contact us, giving us as much information as you can. We will then deal with your enquiry as efficiently as we can.

Grades of Membership & Fees 

Our current annual membership fees are:

Adult Membership – £20 (18 years of age or over)
Limited Family Membership*  – £25 (For families/ co-habitees; one adult + children)
Family Membership*  – £35 (For families/ co-habitees; two or more adults + children)
Junior Membership (under 18) - £10 (Eligible from 11th birthday until 18).

For every adult member who is not also a member of British Canoeing there is a £2.20 annual surcharge, which covers the club's affiliation fees. This surcharge does not apply to junior members.


Membership runs from 1st August to 31st July and new members joining on or after 1st February will enjoy a reduction in the above rates for the remainder of the subscription year. 

*Children under the age of 11 years may join as part of a family membership. Our club rules state that for under 11s to paddle in a club session, they must be accompanied on the water by a parent/guardian who is a reasonably competent paddler. For safety reasons, children under the age of 8 years are not usually allowed to take part in club activities.

Other Membership Information
The club has a child protection policy in-line with British Canoeing policy. A copy is available on request.

Data protection act – for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018, membership information provided by all members is held on computer.

Your Fitness - members are encouraged to tell the instructor or trip leader of any health issues or allergies which may affect you whilst canoeing. This should be done before you go afloat. Your Instructor is obliged to ask all members of their group for this information.

Magazine – a club magazine for all members is published four times a year and includes a programme of events plus event write-ups and other items of general interest.